About us

The METRICS Lab explores the assessment and impact of Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and other Exponential Technologies.

Translational Research


The ability of making connection with prominent clinical and industrial  innovators is a core piece of the METRICS Lab’s academic capital… as it is the only feasible avenue to dissemination of innovations to wide-scale use.


We will continue to provide highly qualified personnel a fast-paced multidisciplinary environment  to ensure the development of personalized high-tech solutions.


Early Career Researcher Awardee

Dr. Pascal Fallavollita

Currently an Associate Professor at the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences, with cross-appointment at the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, at The University of Ottawa, Canada.

Pascal is an innovative and solution-driven  leader with 10+ years  experience in North American and European translational research institutions such as Queen’s University, Technische Universität München, and The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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