We propose a complete paradigm shift away from the traditional control (joysticks, keys) of C-arm fluoroscopes. We present a solution by which the interventionalists do not control any longer the C-arm device but instead define the desired intraoperative images required to perform the surgery for a specific patient. Subsequently, the user interface will automatically decide how to maneuver the C-arm device kinematics (which includes the patient table) automatically as a single kinematic unit to achieve the intraoperative images the interventionalist has defined. A byproduct of this paradigm is that the interventionalist can interact with the UI offline prior to surgery (e.g. with a morning coffee) to decide the desired images. The desired images, or from now on, the ‘Desired-views’ and their projection transformations will be then automatically correlated to the C-arm device kinematics (including patient table) using the manufacturer computer. 

The ‘Desired-Views’ of a surgeon are selected using pre-operative CTA data, and their projections are known using the C-arm gantry parameters.The day of surgery, patient registration (pose estimation) is accomplished using depth sensors, and the pose is correlated with the ‘Desired-Views’ positions using inverse kinematics.