Active Aging & Tele-Rehab

We define Active Aging in terms of three healthy habits: (1) physical activity, (2) good nutrition (and weight management), and (3) social engagement. The objective is to identify and validate the requirements for a new Interactive Healthy Habits Platform facilitating Active Aging for older adults domiciled in assisted-living communities. In this regard, three Specific Aims are defined: (1) Identifying the requirements to translate effectively Interactive Healthy Habits Platform in an assisted-living community; (2) Determining ethical, user acceptability, and broader stakeholder issues prior to Interactive Healthy Habits Platform uptake; and (3) Evaluating our platform in our partner assisted-living community compared to baseline existing activities and programs.

In terms of scope, the primary focus is on the older adult experience and the associated older adult solution. Solutions for other stakeholders are being advanced for the purpose of: (i) complementing existing daily workflows at our partner assisted-living community (e.g. caregivers having access to health information from older adults dossier), (ii) enhancing patient monitoring and assessment, and (iii) providing task support for these other stakeholders in relation to addressing older adult Active Aging (e.g. a dietician or rehabilitation therapist modifying an older adult’s nutrition and physical activity program).

Motor rehabilitation on patients who suffered from stroke, osteoarthritis and other causes of motor disability can be very expensive for both the hospital and the patient. Remote rehabilitation can help overcoming these expenses, however, the patients still need the advice and assistance of a therapist during their rehabilitation sessions. We propose the design and implementation of a mixed reality system for tele-rehabilitation. Our proposed HoloRehab system implements the rehabilitation exercises in an attractive way using gamification. During rehabilitation sessions, the physiotherapist will see a 3D hologram of the patient that will be displayed on a Microsoft Hololens device.